ABHISHEK IT SERVICES Digital Signature Certificate for e-Tendering (Class-3).
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Digital Signature Certificate for e-Tendering (Class-3).

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Service Begins Here...
ABHISHEK IT SERVICES is the venture of an young and enthusiastic Entrepreneur himself with a vision to help resolve many young Industrialists, Chartered Accountants, Accountants and others in the field for their Accounting related problems.
The core issue in the development of such softwares and Programmes is the after sales service which is an integrated part of this business. ABHISHEK IT SERVICES has overcome all the issues and came victorious with solution and in time service as per the amendments and revision issued by the Government.
We came to conclusion after our experience over the years that the Cost of a product is long forgotten but the Quality of Service provided is remembered for life time. We have kept it simple and straight forward to our entire staff that the faith of a Client earned is more prestigious than earning a new client. Also with the help of our service we have got positive mouth publicity which has worked wonders for our Growth and Development all together.
To cop-up with the ever growing demand we have developed many systems that includes Online solutions, E-mails about latest update & SMS service to inform the client to upgrade at the right time to enable him to complete the forms and Government related issues in time. The never ending quest for the betterment of our services has proven more successful to all other Market Strategies. We are proud to announce that we have won many such clients on this basis only.
We have mastered the art of :
Software development and its Marketing, Sales, Dealers’ Network, Tele-Marketing and Customer support services
Web Designing, Consultancy, Out Sourcing, Digital Signature Certificates
We have developed all above solutions to enable our client to get all his IT Solutions at on single point.

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